Godleader Meowza

T10 - Located in The Great Leader's Command Center

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NameTierRarityNormal %Difficult %Lethal %
Jhirin SheerudoT10Legendary1 in 2001
Scythe of ZedT10Legendary1 in 10000
Armor StiffenerEpic1 in 4
Barrel DopantEpic1 in 4
Fusion CapacitorEpic1 in 4
Self-Repair JuiceRare1 in 4
Arc EmeritusT10Rare1 in 5
Aura of DefenseT10Rare1 in 5
Aura of ResurrectionT10Rare1 in 5
Aussie ArmorT10Rare1 in 5
Blast of ResurrectionT10Rare1 in 5
Diamond SniperT10Rare1 in 5
Dirty EMPT10Rare1 in 5
ExecutionerT10Rare1 in 5
Flak CannonT10Rare1 in 5
Last TurretT10Rare1 in 5
Lava MinesT10Rare1 in 5
Nuclear BlasterT10Rare1 in 5
Phase RayT10Rare1 in 5
Puckle's CourageT10Rare1 in 5
Shield BlastT10Rare1 in 5
Tyrian StingerT10Rare1 in 5
Ultra AcidT10Rare1 in 5
Vengeance AreaT10Rare1 in 5
Vengeance CloudT10Rare1 in 5
Void WiperT10Rare1 in 5
Watchmaker's ShotgunT10Rare1 in 5
Arc de ChairT9Common1 in 2
Aura of CaduceusT9Common1 in 2
Aura of DefenseT9Common1 in 2
Aura of Talking SoftlyT9Common1 in 2
Blast of CaduceusT9Common1 in 2
Facemelter AcidT9Common1 in 2
Flak CannonT9Common1 in 2
Fused BlasterT9Common1 in 2
Fusion ArmorT9Common1 in 2
Fusion MinesT9Common1 in 2
Heavy WiperT9Common1 in 2
Laser ClaymoreT9Common1 in 2
Midnight TurretT9Common1 in 2
Nightwatch ShotgunT9Common1 in 2
Onyx SniperT9Common1 in 2
Powertrip AreaT9Common1 in 2
Royal StingerT9Common1 in 2
Sergeant EMPT9Common1 in 2
Shield BlastT9Common1 in 2
Synth Emerald LaserT9Common1 in 2
ironcommon1 in 1

Drop rates are either: datamined, based on a pattern, or even simply estimated from observation.

As of 2019/11 drop rates can no longer be datamined. Data is updated based on patch notes and developer commentary.