Barrel Dopant

Epic Plane upgrade

Rare Plane Upgrade. Increases exit velocity of charged shells.
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Tax: 11 g / 100 i
Guild: 7 g / 100 i
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NameLocationNormal %Difficult %Lethal %
Ra GeneratorThe Island1 in 20
AmbassadorThe Island1 in 20
Noble PoliticianThe Island1 in 20
Doctor NotraThe Island1 in 20
White SpiderThe Island1 in 20
KaiThe Island1 in 20
ReiThe Island1 in 7
JinnThe Island1 in 7
The Frozen HorrorFrozen Owl Monastery1 in 101 in 31 in 1
SN-ZIron Lair1 in 20
Treasure3 Brothers1 in 4
Godleader MeowzaThe Great Leader's Command Center1 in 4
Godleader MeowzaThe Great Leader's Inner Sanctum1 in 4

Drop rates are either: datamined, based on a pattern, or even simply estimated from observation.

As of 2019/11 drop rates can no longer be datamined. Data is updated based on patch notes and developer commentary.