Upcoming Events

These are the daily events for the next couple of weeks

Please note that "Squad bounties" are no longer in the game, but the text here may still reference them.

Friday 4 December

Friday Nobility
Every Friday, the feline nobles spend leisure time with their families. It is a time of pleasant excess.

Rodent worshippers of the state religion are barbequed in succulent sauces and the servant dogs are made to dance.

Special Rewards
- Superior salvage in noble estates
- 1.5x XP in noble estates

Bounty: Jinn (Red Steel)
Posted bounties for today
- Kill 1 Jinn
- Kill 100 Guard Lions, Guard Beasts, Estate Guards, Slave Drivers, Bureaucrats, Groundkeepers, City Officers, Inquisitors, Secret Police, Riot Guards, Crowd Controls or Assassins while flying with 2 fellow pilots

Special Rewards
- Red Steel
- Blue Steel

Saturday 5 December

Saturday Worship
Special Mission: The Dig (random Steel)

Sunday 6 December

Sunday Highlands
Bounty: Throne of Meowza (Dark Steel)

Monday 7 December

Monday Chill
Bounty: Dr. Geckelston (Yellow Steel)

Tuesday 8 December

Tuesday Medicine
Bounty: Doomsday Mechanism (White Steel)

Wednesday 9 December

Wednesday Brimstone
Bounty: Poison God (Purple Steel)

Thursday 10 December

Thursday Ruins
Bounty: Traitor Phoenix (Red Steel)

Friday 11 December

Friday Nobility
Bounty: Rei (Yellow Steel)

Saturday 12 December

Saturday Worship
Special Mission: The Vaults (random Steel)

Sunday 13 December

Sunday Highlands
Bounty: SN-Z (Dark Steel)

Monday 14 December

Monday Chill
Bounty: Kai (Blue Steel)

Tuesday 15 December

Tuesday Medicine
Bounty: High Priestess Tiffany (Blue Steel)

Wednesday 16 December

Wednesday Brimstone
Bounty: White Spider (Purple Steel)

Thursday 17 December

Thursday Ruins
Bounty: The Frozen Horror (White Steel)