Upcoming Events

These are the daily events for the next couple of weeks

Please note that "Squad bounties" are no longer in the game, but the text here may still reference them.

Thursday 6 August

Thursday Ruins
Every Thursday, the Imperial Archeologists load their finds onto caravans and ship them back to secure storage.

The empire sustains itself on this ancient remnants of dead civilizations. We are but their shadow.

Special Rewards
- Superior salvage in archeology zone
- 1.5x XP in archeology zone

Bounty: The Frozen Horror (White Steel)
Posted bounties for today
- Kill 1 Frozen Horror in the Owl Monastery
- Kill 20 Inquisitors or Assassins while flying with 2 fellow pilots

Special Rewards
- White Steel
- Purple Steel

Friday 7 August

Friday Nobility
Bounty: Jinn (Red Steel)

Saturday 8 August

Saturday Worship
Special Mission: The Vaults (random Steel)

Sunday 9 August

Sunday Highlands
Bounty: SN-Z (Dark Steel)

Monday 10 August

Monday Chill
Bounty: Kai (Blue Steel)

Tuesday 11 August

Tuesday Medicine
Bounty: Doomsday Mechanism (White Steel)

Wednesday 12 August

Wednesday Brimstone
Bounty: Poison God (Purple Steel)

Thursday 13 August

Thursday Ruins
Bounty: Traitor Phoenix (Red Steel)

Friday 14 August

Friday Nobility
Bounty: Rei (Yellow Steel)

Saturday 15 August

Saturday Worship
Special Mission: The Dig (random Steel)

Sunday 16 August

Sunday Highlands
Bounty: Throne of Meowza (Dark Steel)

Monday 17 August

Monday Chill
Bounty: Dr. Geckelston (Yellow Steel)

Tuesday 18 August

Tuesday Medicine
Bounty: High Priestess Tiffany (Blue Steel)

Wednesday 19 August

Wednesday Brimstone
Bounty: White Spider (Purple Steel)