Midnight Turret

Common Turret

Hand-copied blueprints of the Spiner-turret enabled pockets of survivors to cobble together their own automated defense systems. Slowly a network of defended bunkers and tunnels spread across the ruined city. Children of the time say their fondest memories were of the soothing thunk, thunk, thunk as guns chewed through that endless sea of screaming lemmings.
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Tax: 5 g / 100 i
Guild: 5 g / 100 i
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NameLocationNormal %Difficult %Lethal %
Ra GeneratorThe Island1 in 20
AmbassadorThe Island1 in 20
Noble PoliticianThe Island1 in 20
Doctor NotraThe Island1 in 20
White SpiderThe Island1 in 20
KaiThe Island1 in 20
ReiThe Island1 in 20
JinnThe Island1 in 20
Poison GodVenom Compound1 in 201 in 71 in 3
The Frozen HorrorFrozen Owl Monastery1 in 201 in 71 in 3
Traitor PhoenixReeducation Camp1 in 201 in 71 in 3
Doomsday MechanismSuper Secret Base1 in 201 in 71 in 3
Strange Altar to HorusThe Vaults1 in 201 in 71 in 3
High Priestess TiffanyTemple of Bast1 in 201 in 71 in 3
SN-ZIron Lair1 in 20
Abandoned SuppliesThe Dig1 in 201 in 71 in 3
Ancient SuppliesThe Dig1 in 201 in 71 in 3
Legendary SuppliesThe Dig1 in 201 in 71 in 3
Dark SphinxThe Elder Arena1 in 201 in 71 in 3
Treasure3 Brothers1 in 2
Godleader MeowzaThe Great Leader's Command Center1 in 2

Drop rates are either: datamined, based on a pattern, or even simply estimated from observation.

As of 2019/11 drop rates can no longer be datamined. Data is updated based on patch notes and developer commentary.