Godleader Meowza (2)

T10 - Located in The Great Leader's Inner Sanctum

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NameTierRarityNormal %Difficult %Lethal %
Void PrismT10Legendary1 in 3334
M2 Armor AT10Legendary1 in 40
M2 Armor BT10Legendary1 in 40
M2 Armor CT10Legendary1 in 40
M2 Armor DT10Legendary1 in 40
M2 Armor ET10Legendary1 in 40
M2 Armor FT10Legendary1 in 40
M2 Armor GT10Legendary1 in 40
M2 Armor HT10Legendary1 in 40
M2 Armor IT10Legendary1 in 40
M2 Armor KT10Legendary1 in 40
M2 Armor LT10Legendary1 in 40
M2 Armor MT10Legendary1 in 40
M2 Armor NT10Legendary1 in 40
M2 Armor PT10Legendary1 in 40
Armor StiffenerEpic1 in 1
Barrel DopantEpic1 in 4
Fusion CapacitorEpic1 in 4
Arc EmeritusT10Rare1 in 1
Aura of DefenseT10Rare1 in 1
Aura of ResurrectionT10Rare1 in 1
Aussie ArmorT10Rare1 in 1
Blast of ResurrectionT10Rare1 in 1
Diamond SniperT10Rare1 in 1
Dirty EMPT10Rare1 in 1
ExecutionerT10Rare1 in 1
Flak CannonT10Rare1 in 1
Last TurretT10Rare1 in 1
Lava MinesT10Rare1 in 1
Nuclear BlasterT10Rare1 in 1
Phase RayT10Rare1 in 1
Puckle's CourageT10Rare1 in 1
Shield BlastT10Rare1 in 1
Tyrian StingerT10Rare1 in 1
Ultra AcidT10Rare1 in 1
Vengeance AreaT10Rare1 in 1
Vengeance CloudT10Rare1 in 1
Void WiperT10Rare1 in 1
Watchmaker's ShotgunT10Rare1 in 1
Self-Repair JuiceRare1 in 4
Soul GemCommon1 in 10
ironcommon1 in 1

Drop rates are either: datamined, based on a pattern, or even simply estimated from observation.

As of 2019/11 drop rates can no longer be datamined. Data is updated based on patch notes and developer commentary.