Pilot XP Calculator

How does Pilot XP work?

Your plane earns XP while playing the game. This is converted into Pilot XP in two ways:

  • 65% of XP earned is converted to Pilot XP in real time
  • When you retire a plane 35% of the plane's XP is converted into Pilot XP

It varies on two factors at the moment of conversion:

  • Current pilot rank
  • Amount of plane XP

Essentially, the more experience your plane has the better conversion ratio you will achieve.

The plane XP required to get the best ratio (250 to 1) increases with greater pilot ranks, so you have to work a little harder before cashing in. It's not a big deal by any means, though.

At this time there isn't one simple formula to determine XP conversion. It looks exponential but, in practice, that's not how it is executed.

About the XP Calculator
  • Due to rounding and other factors, some reported ratios or values may be slightly off. Not enough to matter.
  • Since the ratio of real-time XP conversion is constantly improving while you play, there isn't a sane way to provide a perfect calculator for that at this time. We might add a calculator based on killing bosses with fixed XP cap later.
  • This means the "Total XP Earned" is only accurate if you are always achieving 250 to 1 (the maximum ratio).
  • If you want to maximize Pilot XP gains without retiring planes, you should get enough experience on one plane to achieve 250 to 1 ratio and keep playing it.
  • You won't get accurate results for planes under level 20, since the game does not show you your total XP unless you're level 20.

These shouldn't impact your experience with the calculator. As always, meowzadb is under regular development and your feedback is welcome.