Steam Turbocharger

Rare Plane upgrade

Rare Plane Upgrade. Improves generation of superheated steam by a plane's fusion hotbox.
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Tax: 5 g / 100 i
Guild: 5 g / 100 i
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NameLocationNormal %Difficult %Lethal %
Moneyed DuelistThe Island1 in 13
Highborn MarksmanThe Island1 in 13
TreasureThe Vaults1 in 3
Duelist ProtectorThe Island1 in 33
City OfficerThe Island1 in 20
Secret PoliceThe Island1 in 20
InquisitorThe Island1 in 20
Riot GuardThe Island1 in 20
Crowd Control IIThe Island1 in 20
RetaliatorThe Island1 in 13
SentinelThe Island1 in 20

Drop rates are either: datamined, based on a pattern, or even simply estimated from observation.

As of 2019/11 drop rates can no longer be datamined. Data is updated based on patch notes and developer commentary.